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Tickborne encephalitis in Rhone-Alpes-Provence, France

17 Jun 2020

French media quoting regional public health authorities(in French) have reported an outbreak of tickborne encephalitis, primarily in the Rhone-Alpes-Provence region. As of 10 June 2020 there have been 37 cases linked to the consumption of raw milk goat cheeses. The cheese producer has been named as GAEC des Chevrettes du Vieux Valey, located at Condamine in Haut-Bugey, Ain.

Advice for Travellers

Tickborne encephalitis is uncommon in people in France. However, it is widespread in Alpine areas of Europe and may occur in neighbouring rural areas. All travellers should avoid tick bites e.g. by protecting the skin with clothing, tucking long trousers into socks, insect repellents and keeping to designated pathways. Raw milk products, including unpasteurised cheese, should also be avoided.

Travellers should consider being vaccinated against TBE if they are risk of tick bites when working, walking or camping in endemic areas. The vaccine available in the UK is called TicoVac and TicoVac Junior for children.

For further information seeĀ Tickborne Encephalitis.