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World Scout Jamboree July 2019

29 Apr 2019

The 24th World Scouting Jamboree takes place from 22 July to 2 August 2019 in the Summit Bechel Reserve in West Virginia USA.
As many as 50,000 Scouts, between the ages of 14 and 17 years and their leaders, from more than 200 countries and territories will take part in this event.
Mass gatherings such as this event can lead to outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Participants to this event are advised to ensure that their UK national schedule vaccines are up to date and in particular that you have had two doses of measles containing vaccine (MMR).
There have been recent reports of measles outbreaks in a number of USA states, if you are unsure if you are protected against this disease you should discuss this with a health care professional, who can advise you on the disease risks and the MMR vaccination.

Following the 2015 jamboree in Japan, five scouts and one parent developed meningococcal infection. Meningococcal ACWY vaccination is part of the UK childhood schedule, if you are unsure if you have received this vaccine, you should discuss this with a health professional.

USA is considered to be low risk for rabies, however wild animals such as foxes, skunks and racoons are high risk.
You should avoid contact with wild animals including bats. A bite, lick or scratch from an animal whilst in the US should be reported and medical assessment sought immediately.
CDC provides information on rabies risk areas in the USA

The organisers of the jamboree have issued advice on recommended vaccinations
However it should be noted that the vaccines recommended would not normally be advised for most travellers to the USA.
Travellers intending participating in this event should seek pre-travel advice from a travel health practitioner regarding potential health risks and appropriate vaccination schedules.
Vaccination schedules can take a number of weeks to complete, so where possible seek advice a minimum of 6-8 weeks prior to your departure date, though it is never too late to get advice.

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Further information can be found on the World Scout jamboree website