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Malaria in the Dominican Republic (Update 1)

03 Sep 2018

Media report (in Spanish) that on 1 September 2018 the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Public Health confirmed at least 20 cases of malaria in Los Alcarrizos and Manoguayabo (Santo Domingo Province). Another 178 suspected cases are under investigation.

According to the Ministry, outbreaks of malaria in La Ciénaga, Juan Guzmán de Manoguayabo and Villa Verde have caused recurring problems since 2014 because ofenvironmental conditions including accumulated water.

Advice for travellers

Malaria occurs in the Dominican Republic although the risk of a traveller being infected is usually low. Despite the increase in malaria case numbers  antimalarial chemoprophylaxis is not advised at this time. However, rigorous avoidance of mosquito bites at all times is strongly emphasized as the first line of defence against malaria and other mosquito-borne infections.

In the event of developing a fever during or after return from travel, travellers should seek prompt medical attention.

See current malaria guidance for the Dominican Republic.