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Mumps in the United States (Illinois)

31 Aug 2015

An outbreak of mumps is ongoing among the students at the University of Illinois, located in Champaign-Urbana, east-central Illinois. The outbreak was first identified in the spring of 2015, and as of 26 August, around 100 confirmed cases have been notified.

Mass vaccination clinics are offering booster doses of MMR vaccine. Thus far, 4500 students have been immunised with a further 3000-4000 vaccinations expected in the next few days.

Advice for Travellers

It should be confirmed that children have received their recommended doses of MMR at 12-15 months of age and again pre-school around 3 years 6 months. Unimmunised adults who have not had the disease themselves may consider vaccination if thought to be at risk. Two doses of MMR vaccine are required to give adequate protection.