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World Hepatitis Day July 28th 2015

28 Jul 2015

July 28th is World Hepatitis Day. The World Health Organisation (WHO) and World Hepatitis Alliance have announced that the 2015 World Hepatitis Day campaign will be focussed on Prevention of Viral Hepatitis.

It is estimated that globally, 400 million people live with hepatitis B and C infections, and 1.4 million people die from these infections each year, even though viral hepatitis can be prevented.

The 2015 Campaign

The 2015 campaign aims to raise awareness among the general public and infected patients particularly in relation to:

  • Improved prevention interventions such as vaccination.
  • Improved blood and injections safety.
  • Improved access to hepatitis services.

Key Messages of the World Hepatitis Day 2015

  • Prevent hepatitis – know the risks.

Unsafe blood, unsafe injections, and sharing drug-injection equipment can all result in hepatitis infection.

  • Prevent hepatitis – demand safe injections.

2 million people per year contract hepatitis from unsafe injections. Using sterile, single-use syringes can prevent these infections.

  • Prevent hepatitis – vaccinate children.

Approximately 780 000 persons die each year from hepatitis B infection. A safe and effective vaccine can protect from hepatitis B infection for life.

  • Prevent hepatitis – get tested, seek treatment.

Effective medicines exist to treat hepatitis B and cure hepatitis C.

Further Information

To find out more about World Hepatitis Day:

  • Access the World Hepatitis Day website where you can find out about events and take part in a social media campaign.

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