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Measles in Chile

15 Jun 2015

On 10 June 2015, the health authorites of Chile notified WHO of five confirmed cases of measles in the province of Santiago in the central valley of the country.

The five cases are all male, 4 adults with ages ranging from 21-44 years and an infant less than one year and too young for immunisation.

  • The first case is thought to have acquired the infection following inflight contact with symptomatic passengers travelling from Beijing to Honolulu. Measles confirmed 15 May 2015.
  • The second case is the infant from Maria Pinto municipality; a link to the first case has not been established. Measles confirmed 29 May 2015.
  • The third case is from Santiago city and developed symptoms on 1 June 2015.
  • The fourth case is a healthcare worker from the municipality of Las Condes. Measles confirmed 6 June 2015.
  • The fifth case is a relative of the second case. Measles confirmed 10 May 2015.

Chile is hosting the sporting event Copa America Chile 2015, from 11 June to 4 July 2015. The authorities are recommending that anyone planning to attend the football tournament should ensure that they are immunised/protected against measles.

(Via WHO Global Alert and Response - accessed 15/06/15)

Advice for Travellers

It should be confirmed that children have received their recommended doses of MMR at 12-15 months of age and again pre-school around 3 years 6 months. Unimmunised adults who have not had the disease themselves may consider vaccination if thought to be at risk. Two doses of MMR vaccine are required to give adequate protection.