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Contaminated Bottled Water in Burundi

10 Sep 2012

Health Protection Scotland has been made aware of concerns regarding possible contamination of a specific bottled drinking water, KINJU, marketed in Burundi.

A United States embassy staff member has fallen ill after drinking Kinju bottled water with an unusual taste. Several other sealed Kinju water bottles have given off a strong gasoline smell once opened. Testing is underway but travellers should avoid consuming Kinju brand bottled water until it is determined that it is safe to drink.

Advice for Travellers

Travellers should take precautions with food and water. There is no indication that other brands of bottled water are implicated in this incident.

Anyone who falls ill after ingesting Kinju brand bottled water should seek immediate medical care.

Individuals who become ill may wish to inform the British Embassy Liaison Office in Burundi of the incident.