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Literature for Travellers

Access Africa: Safaris for People with Limited Mobility (2009)

Gordon Rattray. Bradt travel Guides

This guide is the first of its kind. It describes access in hotels, lodges and tented camps, allowing readers to decide if it suits their particular needs and contains information on specialist operators and equipment.

"This unique book is an inspiring and invaluable resource for those with a can-do attitude and a sense of adventure. With thorough firsthand research, Gordon Rattray opens up safari holidays to those who may have thought them an impossibility. This book is a must for those who refuse to let limited mobility stop them exploring the world’s most exciting places.” Ade Adepitan MBE paralympian and TV presenter

Atlas of Travel Medicine and Health (3rd edition 2011)

Jane Chiodini and Lorna Boyne; People's Medical Publishing House - USA, Connecticut ISBN-13: 978-1-60795-048-6

The Atlas of Travel Medicine is a user-friendly, visual guide that travellers will find useful when planning a trip abroad. It is split into 3 main sections, 1&2 contain key information on 19 travel-related diseases (such as typhoid, malaria and rabies) including disease endemnicity maps. The third section is the main part of the atlas and includes country-specific maps that show malaria risk areas. There is also vaccination advice, graphs depicting weather information and icons that illustrate other health risks for each country. The Atlas is a useful resource that travellers will find attractive.  

Bugs Bites & Bowels (fourth edition 2006)

Jane Wilson-Howarth. Cadogan London

Covering everything a traveller needs to know, from preparation, to dealing with cuts and styes to diagnosis and treatment of dysentery, as well as guidance on finding medical help overseas. It is an empowering reassuring read with lots of instructive case histories and illustrations of bugs and biters.

Your Child Abroad (2005)

Jane Wilson-Howarth and Mathew Ellis. Bradt Guides

The only comprehensive English-language travel guide for travelling families written by doctors. It includes Baby Check and many other lists that allow parents to decide on what to treat or whether evacuation is necessary. It is accessibly written by a GP and paediatrician who are themselves parents and have spent years in developing countries.

Travel Fit - Essential Exercises for When You Travel (2004)

Damian Honey and Penny Catt. Beaconsfield Publications ISBN 0-906584-56-6.

Written by registered physiotherapists this detailed booklet gives advice designed to help the longer distance traveller avoid problems associated with poor posture and immobility including deep vein thrombosis. Also a useful reference for travel health advisors.

The Travellers' Good Health Guide (third edition 2006)

Ted Lancaster. Sheldon Press. ISBN:9780859699914

This is the third edition of this classic book, and includes new information on issues of concern to the modern traveller. Written in a readable style, it is particularly useful to long-stay travellers, including those travelling with their families, but also contains a wealth of information useful to all travellers.

Traveller's Health - How to stay healthy abroad (Fifth edition 2012)

Richard Dawood. Oxford University Press. ISBN: 978-0-19-921416-7.

Useful for the traveller who wants to be well informed. A lot of detail.

The 'Rough Guide' Series

Various authors and dates. Harrup Columbus.

Travel guides aimed at the adventurous traveller. They contain some health information of varying quality.

The 'Healthy Travel' Series

Lonely Planet Publications divided into continents:- Africa, Asia & India, Australia N.Z.& the Pacific, Central & South America. New additions to the already well known Lonely Planet series.

Backcountry first aid and extended care (2002 - 4th Edition)

Buck Tilton ISBN:0762704136. Globe Pequot Press.

Safety and Security for Women Who Travel (2005)

Sheila Swan, Peter Laufer ISBN:978-1932361155. Traveller's Tales

Travel and Health in the Elderly (2011)

I.B. McIntosh: Quay Books. ISBN:978-178035-074-5.

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