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Chikungunya in Italy (Rome and Surrounding Area) (Update 2)

13 Sep 2017

The number of cases of chikungunya in Rome and surrounding area has risen to 13. This number includes 4 cases in the cit yof Rome and 3 cases in Anzio, 50km to the south. Investigations are continuing.

Advice for Travellers

No vaccine is available against chikungunya. Avoidance of mosquito bites is the only reliable means of prevention. Methods of bite avoidance include:

  • Wearing long, loose, lightly coloured clothing to cover up the skin.
  • The use of insect repellant containing DEET  applied to any exposed skin.
  • The use of permethrin, impregnated mosquito nets.
  • The use of air conditioning if available and/or mesh screening of windows and doors.
  • Eradication of mosquito breeding sites around the home (e.g. open containers, old tyres or flower pots that may collect water).

For further information see Chikungunya Fever.