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Malaria in Greece

12 Sep 2017

Greek public health authorities have reported 6 cases of malaria during the summer of 2017. Affected areas are:

Municipality of West Achaia, Achaia, Region of West Greece, 1 case in May 2017. 

Municipality of Andravida-Kyllini, Ileia, Region of West Greece, 1 case in May and 1 case in July.

Municipality of Thiva, Viotia, 1 case in July.

Municipality of Messolonghi, Aitoloakarnania, 1 case in July.

An additional case (location undisclosed) remains under investigation.

Advice for Travellers

Greece remains a country where transmission of malaria is very rare and the risk of a traveller being infected is very low. Antimalarial medication is not needed. However, avoidance of mosquito bites is strongly recommended as the first line of defence against malaria and other mosquito-borne infections.

For further information see Malaria.