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Legionnaires' Disease in Spain

29 Dec 2015

The health service of Castilla-La Mancha have confirmed 141 cases of Legionnaires' disease, including 2 deaths, in Manzanares (central Spain) up to 22 December 2015. The disease is transmitted through aerosolised, contaminated water, and not person to person, or by eating and drinking. Environmental sampling has been carried out at places likely to harbour the bacteria, such as cooling towers and public fountains. As yet no source has been confirmed.

Advice for Travellers

The risk of Legionnaires' disease for travellers is considered to be low. Travellers to the area should be aware of the situation and should they develop a flu-like illness with fever, cough or shortness of breath during their stay or up to two weeks after return home, they should seek medical advice promptly.