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Yellow Fever in Brazil (Monkeys)

03 Aug 2015

The media has reported on monkey deaths in the state of Tocantins, central Brazil.

Six monkey deaths were reported in Porto Nacional, 41 miles from the state capital of Palmas earlier in the year (2015). In April of 2015, yellow fever virus was confirmed in one of the six deaths. The state department of health has reported a further 8 monkey deaths in the week ending 31 July 2015. The deaths are being investigated and laboratory results are awaited as to the cause. These deaths were also located in Port Nacional.

Monkey deaths are considered a warning that yellow fever virus is circulating and human cases could occur.

Advice for Travellers

Yellow Fever vaccination is usually recommended for travellers visiting the state of Tocantins. Travellers should also take steps to avoid mosquito bites.