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Poliomyelitis in Afghanistan

10 Nov 2014

Six new cases of poliomyelitis were reported in Afghanistan in the past week. Four are from Kandahar province (2 in Kandahar district, and one each in the districts of Shahwalikot and Arghandab (previously uninfected). One case is from the Bermel district of Paktika province and one from the province of Ghazni (previously uninfected), in Giro district. The total number of cases for 2014, is 18.

Subnational Immunization Days are scheduled across the south and east of Afghanistan 16-18 November 2014.

Advice for Travellers

It is recommended that travellers have a poliomyelitis booster (or course) if not already protected and take precautions with food, water and personal hygiene.